One people, One Nation, One Destiny,” words that reside forever in his heart and even deeper rooted in his music. Ray Sytes is the Guyanese Reggae artist bringing a style like no other to the Caribbean genre.

Leaving Guyana for America as a young child, he had yet to experience music’s ability to join his Guyanese and American cultures. Starting off as an artist in the hip-hop game, Ray Sytes made his public debut with singles like “Can’t Back Down” and “Let It Go” and then later released his “Welcome To Guyana” mixtape. Seeing that his major success came from tracks where he incorporated a bit of his Reggae style, like “Mi Wan Burn,” which was picked up by Music Choice Television, this bold artist ventured into the Reggae/Dancehall genre with full force and no regrets.

Maintaining his skills as a rapper and blending them with his natural talent for Caribbean music, Ray Sytes continues to create music with the purpose of making sure that his fans are enjoying every beat and connecting to every message